Carina Wagenaar (NL, 1969) graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Her strong interest in art, fashion and design with the focus areas; culture, history, nature and heritage resulted in surprising artworks with various themes.

Life size medallions

‘Particularia in Universalia’/ ‘Detailed world’

Carina Wagenaar

In an age of the computer, where mathematicians are able to reduce everything to symmetrical patterns and connections, and nature shows patterns down to the very smallest molecule, Carina Wagenaar investigates the beauty of human patterns. Developments, events and experiences are hereby enclosed in engaging 3D performances behind half convex glass, where symbolism plays an important role, and in which existing elements are getting different meanings.

Inspired by little necklace medallions, cameos and lace structures, Wagenaar unites nostalgic feelings with both classical as well as modern and playful & tough elements in a large work of art annex wall jewelry. It’s essential to zoom in and zoom out; to signalize the details and the important small events as being part of the bigger picture.



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