Medallion Life of Frederik Hendrik

Skills: Historical Medallions XXL, Medallions XXL

XXL medallion ‘The life of Frederik Hendrik’ tells the story about this Prince of Orange and stadtholder (1584-1647).

Frederik Hendrik was usually portrayed as a soldier, was commander of the army but also a statesman and was given the nickname of  ‘The Stedendwinger’ after a number of succesful campaigns. As head of the cavalry, the stadtholder fought against the Spanish accupation.
This proud man became the husband of Amalia van Solms, the former ;ady-in-waiting of Elizabeth Stuart, and lived at the Binnenhof.
On a personal level Frederik Hendrik wanted to increase his prestige and royal style in Europe. He had built numurous big palaces, had an extensive art collection and held exuberant parties.
‘Frederik Hendrik was usually portrayed as a soldier. His good strategic insights and rapid acting on situations brought him a lot. Professional qualities an personal qualities have been incorporated into the details of this historical medallion, as well as his love for horseriding and his role as commander of the cavelry.’
A tree dimensional story behind semi-spherical acrylic glass with gold leaf carved wooden frame & metal suspension ring.
Colour Width Depth Ring Totale length
Antracite 1.6 m 0.2 m 0.35 m 1.85 m

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