Amulet Medallion Osiris

Skills: Medallions XXL

XXL Amulet Medallion ‘Osiris’; askes the question: ‘What are you made of ?’ & ‘What do you stand for ?’ The structure of your being, is held together by the spine; your foundation and core values rely on it. The Egyptian god Osiris, symbol to the spine, demonstrates structure, stability and sustainability in life. The three keys represent the access to positive thinking and positive acting, resulting in positive feeling. The multitude of shining stars articulate the sparkles of life and help bridge the gap between the earthly and the heavenly.

Thin layered gold, 2,5 kr. & >1400 Swarovski Crystals.



A unique three dimensional amulet behind half convex glass with wooden frame & metal suspension ring.

Color Size Depth Ring Total length
Gold & Black 1,55×1,05m 20cm 33cm 188cm

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