17th Century Heritage and History translated into Life size Medallion Artworks.

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Masterly The Hague, the festival that takes place from 20-23 September 2018, brings together works of old masters and new Dutch Art & Design. Artist Carina Wagenaar shows you her vision on this unique way of working together of old and new art forms. Her translation of the life of historical figures is contained in life-size medallions.


Selected artists, photographers and designers are inspired by paintings by old masters. They have created a new contemporary work around this issue. The two muses of artist Carina Wagenaar are the portrait of Frederik Hendrik by painter Michiel van Mierevelt and a miniature portrait of Elisabeth Stuart by Isaac Oliver. For both portraits she created contemporary artworks based on everyone’s life and personality.


Frederik Hendrik, Prince of Orange and Stadtholder of the Netherlands and Elizabeth Stuart, also known as the “Winter Queen” were not only contemporaries but are also jointly responsible for maintaining and expanding the style and allure of the nobility in the first half of the 17th century of the Hague. Both had, in their own way, made early acquaintance with the beauty and splendor of foreign court attitudes and loved theater and art. Frederik Hendrik lived with his wife, Amalia van Solms, Elisabeth’s former lady-in-waiting, at the Binnenhof, while Elisabeth, with her husband and her entourage, were resident at the Kneuterdijk.


Carina Wagenaar captured the personal history of these two important historical persons in a visualization through her usual way of working. Using 3D objects in a well thought manner, placed in a visual story behind half-round acrylic glass. In these allegorical representations references and details can be seen of the pomp and splendor in a modern form. The visitor is challenged to look extensively to absorb the story. These life-size medallions are not only large jewels but also serve as a tribute to the Dutch heritage.


All artists and designers are present during Masterly The Hague from 20-23 September at the Lange Vijverberg 14-15-16 opposite the Hofvijver in The Hague. All works by old masters and new works by modern artists and designers can be seen in this beautiful location with beautiful and elegant period rooms. Carina Wagenaar will also explain to visitors about her work and the way in which she combines history, storytelling and contemporary elements into a new contemporary art piece.


For editors: information and images available by Carina Wagenaar +31651541010. The photos on the website: can be used with mention of the title of the artwork & name artist.

Carina Wagenaar studied Art and Art History at the AHK. Through the introduction of luxurious narrative medallion artworks she has established her reputation within the design and art loving world. Her vision of the importance of details can be seen in every unique work she creates. The growing success of her work already brought her to Milan, New York, Paris, London, Florence, Dubai & Hamptons-NY.