Carina Wagenaar – ‘Particularia in Universalia’-2017
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From a philosophical vision to inspiring medallion artworks…

 Demonstrating this transition with the ‘Particularia in Universalia’ project was the goal of this unique artist. During the week of the 2017 Salone del Mobile, Carina Wagenaar presented her new medallion artworks, selected for the exhibition of Masterly -the Dutch in Milano- as one of the Dutch designers who showed their work to the rest of the design loving world.
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With ‘Particularia in Universalia’, Carina Wagenaar is consciously seeking to invite spectators to experience a new kind of storytelling symbolism. She combines different materials and uses them in an alternative setting; one that perfectly fits to visualize the theme.

By using the materials unique characteristics and shapes as being a part of another bigger story, the content of the materials changes. These modern allegorical three dimensional story-tales, provides us with a lot of details. Just like in life itself; details do matter. They give us more insight into understanding the bigger picture.

LF blauwe achtergrond & detail 150 dpr 10x13,3
(photo & detail XXL Medallion ‘Let’s Focus’)

All kinds of existing materials and objects offer ideal possibilities for using them for any other purpose. “I am always looking for new and inspiring materials to work with. By placing them in a story behind half sphere acrylic glass, I aim to surprise the viewer and let them forget for a moment the whim of the day, allowing themselves to be moved by the unexpected and intriguing beauty of a contemporary art piece or large wall jewel.”


By taking this approach, Carina is often asked to get involved with many design and art projects. The growing success of her artworks has enabled her to exhibit on key locations like; the Salone del Mobile, at Ventura Lambrate Milan 2016, during the New York Design Week at Wanted Design Manhattan 2016, at Maison & Objet – the House of Games- Nelly Rodi Paris 2016, at the store of Paul Smith, Mayfair London 2016, and during the Dutch Design Week and in the exhibition ‘Escape’ at the Kazerne, Eindhoven 2016-2017.

(photo M&O –House of Games-Nelly Rodi, Paris 2016)

(photo shop Paul Smith, Mayfair, London 2016)

 expose yourself2 ik aan het werk



In an age of the computer, where mathematicians are able to reduce everything into symmetrical patterns, Carina is looking for the beauty of human patterns, which she explores and visualizes in her own way. She translates her ideas into these oversized medallions, in which modern materials are united with nostalgia and narrative symbolism. The widely used symmetry gives us peace, in the chaos of each day. These large wall jewels give extra soul to the surrounding and all pieces are one of a kind.

“It is the challenge to zoom in and out; to signal all the little details as being a part of the bigger picture. A more precise perception, from an intuitive feeling, will provide us more than just a selfish point of view. The stories will make you wonder about the beauty of the processes. They show us new worlds in which everyone can find their way.”

The large medallions are inspired by little necklace medallions, lace, relics and cameos. As cross-overs from art, fashion and design, these objects tell us unique defined visual stories of research of various themes. The three dimensional symbolic stories contain the time spirit in a new and inspiring shape.

“We see objects and materials on a daily basis all around us. Because they are present in such quantity, they don’t get noticed anymore. By examining the possibility to translate objects and materials into another context, I give them a new major destination in a larger story”.



Some pieces of the project ‘Particularia in Universalia’ can be seen at the exhibition of Masterly -The Dutch in Milano- from 4-9 April at Palazzo Francesco Turati, Via Meravigli 7, Milano.

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Opening hours during Salone del Mobile 2017 (4 – 9 April)
Tuesday 11 – 17 (openings cocktail from 18 – upon invitation)
Wednesday 11 – 22
Thursday – Saturday 11 – 19
Sunday 11 – 16

Cordusio (line 1): Palazzo Francesco Turati at 150 meters
Cairoli (line 1): Palazzo Francesco Turati at 150 meters
Duomo (lines 1 and 3): Palazzo Francesco Turati at 250 meters


Artist and designer Carina Wagenaar finished her degree at the Amsterdam University of Art & History. After working for fashion brands Oilily and Bad Boys, she decided to choose her own artistic path in combining Art, Fashion and Design. The huge medallion artworks are also large wall jewels. They provide a soul to every environment. Her work invites spectators to experience a new kind of storytelling symbolism. Inspired by jewellery medallions, lace and cameos, she offers the viewer unique wall objects with contemporary translations of various detailed themes.


Presentation Medallion Artworks
Masterly – Salone del Mobile – 2017
Palazzo Francesco Turati – Milano
(photo’s Nicole Marnati)