Artist Carina Wagenaar (NL, 1969) graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Her life-sized medallions are intriguing wall objects. These unique artworks are inspired by cameos, small medallions, lace, relics and narrative symbolism. Expressions of feelings, thoughts, spirituality and world events are translated into these large works of art.

Her work is highly appreciated internationally and has been seen shown in Milan, New York, Paris, London, Florence, Dubai, Antwerp and at various places in the Netherlands in recent years.

Carina introduced these special medallion works of art with a unique style. Her vision on the importance of details is reflected in every work she creates. The shape of the medallion is historically linked to a way of preserving valuable and personal things. She translates information into a new 3D world behind semicircular acrylic glass.

If you look closely at the contents of the medallions, you will enter a new world. These modern cameos are created by taking advantage of all the abundance we have on this earth.

With a view to sustainability, it is very important to her to create anew from this abundance. The medallion works of art are made up of all kinds of well-known and lesser-known objects. The objects used have often symbolic value in these stories. Telling stories, creating new worlds, and surprising people is something she enjoys doing. Within her works, Wagenaar combines nostalgic feelings with both classic and modern, playful, and tough elements.

In her own way she translates a series about human processes, but also the zeitgeist and history are subjects with which she likes to work. Through her translation she invites you to look closely, to zoom in and out and to take in all the details so that a (new) world opens up for you.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

2023 Jan-Febr Monat Gallery, Madrid
2022 24th, 25th & 26 June Monaco International Art Fair, Monaco
2022 14 May until 26 June ‘Leve de Lente’ Van Loon Galleries, Vught

Current Exhibitions

2022 ‘Modern Metamorphosis’ Eclectic Galley London
2021-2022 Nidum, Grave
2021-2022 Art Company, Eindhoven

Past Exhibitions

2022 First Art Fair, Amsterdam

2021 Brabant Biënnale, Koepelhal, Tilburg
2021 Start Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London
2021 ‘Sentiment & Symbolism’ Eclectic Gallery, London
2021 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London
2021 ‘Spotting the Brightness’ Eclectic Gallery, London
2020-2021 ‘Captured’ Think Jazzy Gallery, Antwerp

2020 Van Loon Galleries, Vught
2020 Art Company, Eindhoven
2020 Kunst + Co, Amstelveen
2020 Expo, Stompetoren

2019 Masterly The Hague, Den Haag
2019 Bijenkorf Masterly, The Hague
2019 Gallery De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag
2019 Saatchi Gallery, screen project, Londen
2019 D&A -Ode To The Old Masters-, Amsterdam
2019 Expo 2019, Stompetoren
2019 Kunst + Co, Amstelveen
2019 Masterly -The Dutch in Milano-, Milaan
2019 Anthus, Den Haag

2018 Masters of LXRY, Amsterdam
2018 Masterly The Hague, Den Haag
2018 Expo In Bloom- Market Art & Design Hamptons, New York
2018 Ventura Dubai & Index Design Series, WTC, Dubai
2018 Heimtextil, Frankfurt
2018 Saatchi Gallery – Saatchi screen project – , London
2018 Doen Kralingen, Rotterdam
2018 Von Hessenbeck Gallery, Florence

2017 Saatchi Gallery – Saatchi screen project – , London
2017 Doen Kralingen, Rotterdam
2017 Salon Residence, Laren
2017 Von Hessenbeck Gallery, Florence
2017 Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen
2017 Masterly -The Dutch in Milano-, Milaan
2017 Escape Kazerne, Eindhoven

2016 Escape Kazerne, Eindhoven
2016 Exhibition Paul Smith store Mayfair, London
2016 M&O -House of Games- Nelly Rodi, Paris
2016 Morren Galleries , Amsterdam
2016 Ventura New York-The Dutch Edition-, New York
2016 Salone del Mobile -Ventura Lambrate-, Milaan

2015 Studio Ex Purgamento, London
2015 DesignBeurs Rai, Amsterdam
2015 IBA, München
2015 Galerie Artipico, Schiedam
2015 Art Nocturne, Knocke
2015 Art Square Museumplein, Amsterdam
2015 Art Zaanstad, Amsterdam
2015 Vondel CS, Amsterdam
2015 DDH Artemis, Amsterdam


1988-1992 AHK Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam
1981-1988 Atheneum PCC, Alkmaar