Artist Carina Wagenaar (NL, 1969) graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Her works are inspired by cameos, lace, relics and symbolism. She translates expressions of feelings, thoughts,
spirituality and events into these monumental medallion artworks.

‘My work is mainly about expressing the identity of the moment. I try to create objects that represent a stillness in their physical appearance, essence and representation. During my working process I use shapes and structures, take them apart, use fragments, transport them to a new context and turn them
into new objects. I have always been intrigued by the beauty of things, storytelling and the mystical world around us. In my work I want to capture a fleeing moment in the many details that surround us and stopping time that perhaps tells you so much more than many people think. A recording of the identity of the moment in which objects have melted into a whole in a symbolic field of tension.’

Wagenaar introduced her works with a vision about the importance of details. The shape of the medallion is historically linked to a way of preserving valuable and personal things. She translates information and symbols into a new world: 3D and behind acrylic glass. All this in a rearrangement of  discarded fragments, caught in symbolism and in a new world that you can discover for yourself.

New Exhibitions

‘Biënnale Eindhoven’ 13-24 maart 2024 Van Loon Galleries, Domusdela Eindhoven
‘Primus’ 25 januari-1 april 2024, Sille Gallery, Oudewater
Van Loon Galleries, Vught
Kunst+Co, Amstelveen
Art Villa Gooi, Hilversum
Atelier Jongerius, Ulvenhout
Nidum, Grave

Past Exhibitions

Studio Ex Purgamento, London Très Chic 2023, Hasselt Belgium
Biënnale Brabant 2023, Van Loon Galleries Koepelhal, Tilburg
Zomerexpositie 2023, Sille Gallery, Oudewater
2023 ‘The one with the sparkles’ Island Gallery, Den Haag
2023 ‘Focus’ M. Gallery, Madrid
2023 Eclectic Gallery, London
2022 Winter Art Fair, Oisterwijk
2022 NockNock Art Fair, Amsterdam
2022 International Art Fair, Monaco
2022 First Art Fair, Amsterdam
2021 Brabant Biënale Van Loon Galleries, Tilburg
2021 Start Art Fair Saatchi Gallery, London
2021/2022 Van Loon Galleries, Vught
2021 Affordable Art Fair, London
2021/2022 Eclectic Gallery, London
2021/2022 Nidum, Grave
2020/2021 Duo exhibition ‘Captured’ TJ Gallery, Antwerp
2020 Duo exhibition Van Loon Galleries, Vught
2020/2021/2022 Art Company, Eindhoven
2017/2018/2019 Saatchi Gallery screen project, London
2019 DDH Artemis, Amsterdam
2019/2020 Expo, Stompetoren
2019/2020 Kunst + Co, Amstelveen
2018 LXRY, Amsterdam
2018/2019 Masterly, Den Haag
2018 Art & Design Hamptons, New York
2018 Ventura, Dubai
2017/2018 Doen, Rotterdam
2017 Salon Residence, Laren
2017/2018 Von Hessenbeck Gallery, Florence
2017 Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen
2017/2019 Masterly, Milan
2016/2017 Kazerne, Eindhoven
2016 Paul Smith Mayfair, London
2016 Nelly Rodi, Paris
2016 Ventura, New York
2016 Ventura, Milan
2015 Studio Ex Purgamento, London
2015 DDH Artemis, Amsterdam
2015  Artsquare, Amsterdam
2015 Art Zaanstad, Amsterdam


1988-1992 University of the Arts Amsterdam
1981-1988 PCC Alkmaar

Award/ Nomination

‘Most Innovative Contemporary Artist 2021’ EU Business New
‘Most Innovative Object D’Art Interior Decor Artist 2020’ Build Magazine
Nominated ‘Van Gogh Prize 2015’ Van Gogh Museum