(photo Jan Luijk)

Presentation at Doen, Kralingen, Rotterdam.

DOEN is an Office for interior architecture and advice. Based in Rotterdam and Interior since 2004. They work for a variety of clients, both private and business and strive for the best results.

“It’s time to put a smile on your face, so sit back and watch!”
On the Avenue Concordia, in the former post office of Kralingen, they are also open every Saturday! ‘Doen’ is now a design studio, design shop and Gallery in one. A place for meeting, inspiration and creation. To inspire people, advise and to surprise again and again, showing every time exciting new arrivals.

XXL Medallion’Join the Forces’: to accomplice your goals, you need to act like a tiger and stand for your own ideas, put the train in motion and nourish the flower. Make use of all the energie and power around you.
XXL Medallion’Can we flush it’: refers to the events on the continent with the biggest world power. Many people do not agree with the whole situation, so they try to flush the dragon. Without anybody stirring at the wheel, a strange marriage between the two continents has taken place.
XXL Medallion’Arise’: reflect the many challanges in life. Once overcome, it gives way to exciting new opportunities. The process of networking and getting appreciation & succes.
XL Medallion’Adventurous road trip’: is about entering into adventures and tap into new opportunities. Keywords: courage, guts, do it yourself and strength.
XL Medallion’Overseas myth’: is about having ideals and dreams. Brave to have the nerve to follow this path to your dreams. Keywords: action, positivity, myth and truth.
XL Medallion’A crazy catch’ : is about working together and make choices. Keywords: ownership, innovation and overcoming difficulties.
XL Medallion’World of Wow’: is about the instinctively respond to situations. Tenderness, modesty and fighting for your own space while showing your teeth. Positive rating will provide a wow effect.