Photo’s Hans Gorter

Art Event ‘Between Art and Cocktails’ on the Genius Edition of the Masters of LXRY 2018 RAI Amsterdam, hosted by Micky Hoogendijk en Mascha Ekkel van LEEM WONEN

Explanation about the large wall jewelry / xxl medallion artworks for leading high-end interior architects with as example xxl medallion ‘Osiris’:

This medallion is inspired by the ancient Egyptian wisdom and amulets. Osiris was the first king of Egypt who later on became one of the most popular gods of the Egyptian era. God of the underworld who especially stood for the resurrection, and who is often symbolized in the spine. This asks the question about who you are, what you stand for, what gives you stability; questions that we still ask ourselves.

This question has been translated into this new work and is therefore also built up in a structure of the spine.