In cooperation with Essenza Home, selected medallion artworks were shown at the presentation at Heimtextil in Frankfurt at the beginning of January 2018.

This nice combination of colored fabric and storytelling medallion artworks.

XXL Medallion ‘ What the Heck ‘ (light green/blue) tells us the story about an important discovery, that changes our view of the world. Women play an important role in the discovery. Oceans, regeneration and healing are important topics that need to be monitored. Resistance comes, but in the end there will be no other choice but to accept. This refreshes the look on life, gives new insights, with new emotions as a result.

XL Medallion ‘ Time to fly out ‘ (creme) is about the process of observing, acting and the realization of a plan. Things like authority, power, independence, speed and innovation are playing an important role.

XL Medallion ‘Horus’ (gold) is about a new amulet. Horus is the ancient Egyptian god of the sky. Guard of the earth and the nourishing nature. Keywords: protector, nature, wisdom. A unique three dimensional story behind half convex glass with wooden frame & metal suspension ring.