XXL Medallion Queen of Hearts

Skills: Medallions XXL

Medaillon artwork 'Queen of hearts ' by Carina Wagenaar

xxl medallion 'Queen of hearts' by artist Carina Wagenaar

XXL Medaillon artwork ‘Queen of hearts ‘ by artist Carina Wagenaar is part of ‘The Royal Card Collection’.

Within this series, reference is made to the age-old card game. Display images of royalty has always played an important role.

The Queen of Hearts has always been a symbol of Judith; a woman from Judea. This Biblical story is one where the power of woman trancends men. By using a ruse she could dismantle the attacker of the people.

She is usually depicted as lovely and very feminine, which is also the case here. With her charme, she can achieve a lot and get things done.


An unique three-dimensional story behind half-round acrylic glass. This medallion artwork has a with wooden frame & metal suspension ring.

Colour Width Depth Ring Total length
mat crème white 1.55 m 0.2 m 0.35 m 1.85 m

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