L Medallion Looking foreward

L Medallion artwork ‘Looking foreward’ by artist Carina Wagenaar is a story to be young and to look at the future. After you have chosen with your heart and all the puzzle pieces have fallen info place, the choice is the right ones. Then the time comes to look ahead and spread your wings. The balance has been found to be able to look at the future with confidence and to make the journey there. The seahorse symbolizes patience and strength. The duck teaches you to transform the power of your heart and to use it for a higher ideal.

A unique 3D story behind half-round glass. This medallion artwork comes with rubber frame, metal suspension ring and ball chain.

L Medallion 'Looking foreward' in interior by artist Carina Wagenaar

Colour Measurements Depte Ring Chain
offWhite 15,5x13cm 3,5cm 3,5cm 47cm

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