L Medallion Lovely, look at me

L Medallion artwork ‘Lovely, look at me’ by artist Carina Wagenaar is about creating a good self-image. The magical relationship between a person and his reflection. In the mirror you can capture and hold the life or soul of your person. The spiritual meaning of the donkey represents the journey of the soul. You grow patiently and passionately as a faithful companion of your own mirror image to a good self-image. With Winnie the Pooh as his great example, there is something to remember; You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

A unique 3D story behind half-round glass. This medallion artwork comes with rubber frame, metal suspension ring and ball chain.

Colour Measurements Depte Ring Chain
offWhite 13,5×11,5cm 3,5cm 3,5cm 47cm

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