XL Circle Medallion All eyes on you

Skills: Circle Medallions XL

The two hands in this work belong to a man and a woman. The woman’s hand is gold and is holding the gun which can be seen near a lock. What’s behind that? The copper hand is holding her back. The mask above these two refers to a masquerade. Said shows disguise, and that something is being hidden. There are a lot of mouths that say “O” and eyes that stare at you. The female torso is virtually naked and the seahorses, a symbol of loyalty, courage, feeling and cooperation, almost all go in a different direction. Except 2. They have the power to direct the memory and emotions in the right direction, resulting in the shackles below in being final effects. Birds that are outlaws.

Finally, this Pinocchio puts hands up and surrenders just in time. Pinocchio symbolizes the process of yield.

The three colors gold, copper and silver metals that have different designs. Silver is also sometimes combined with the moon, the water and the feminine. It has a purity, clear conscience and stands for good intentions. Copper also stands for Aphrodite and was used for mirrors of mirrors of the soul. Gold is the most precious and most perfect metal. Said is often combined with the fiery, masculine, sun, kingship and the divine.

A unique 3D story behind half convex acrylic glass. This medallion has a wooden frame and a metal suspension ring.