XL Circle Medallion Happy Little Bull

Skills: Circle Medallions XL

The little bull sits in the middle and looks around. He is satisfied and sees that the cones are in a good position so that he is now warm (see scarf). With the daisy flowers around him, he is almost hidden. The daisies represent love and innocence, protection and truth. The little bull knows that he is known as imposing and masculine, but in this way he protects himself against aggression from outside.

The skittles refer to the game but also bowling as an attitude; a posture in which animals sit upright on their hind legs to survey the environment. The 4 cats also keep an overview on all sides. Stubborn as these are, they often sit in places to have a good overview. In this way they allow those who feel like it and put themselves first. They ensure enough appreciation (see Xs and bows) and that the puzzle pieces are in the right places. Bowling is about knocking over, here the whole itself is balanced and in balance.

The color copper symbolizes this: it makes you learn to experience harmony and balance, but also that you learn to experience the love and beauty in everything around you.

A unique 3D story behind half convex acrylic glass. This medallion has a wooden frame and a metal suspension ring.