XL Medallion Time to Fly Out ●

XL Medallion artwork ‘Time to fly out’ by artist Carina Wagenaar is about the process of observing, acting and realisation of a plan. Things like authority, power, independence, speed and innovation are playing an important role.

A unique three dimensional story behind half-round acrylic glass. This medallion artwork comes with a wooden frame & metal suspension ring.

‘As an eagle, you can view the world differently; with freedom and independence, with strength and with a sharp view. This creates other possibilities. The world is your territory and can be traveled easily. Pigeons are symbols of love, peace and renewal. The lizard can adapt in different situations. Process of taking full responsibility for your own, informed decisions.’

time to fly out kamerbew

Color Size Depth Ring Total length
Creme 89x55cm 10cm 16cm 105cm