XL Medallion Give them wings ●

XL Medallon artwork ‘Give them wings’ by artist Carina Wagenaar tells the story about the cooperation in helping everyone where needed and where eventually people learn to do more than possible. Important aspects are: life, love and the believe in more.

An unique 3 dimensional story behind half sphere acrylic glass. This medallion artwork comes with a wooden frame and a metal suspension ring.

‘Together standing strong in support, to make an effort in personal development. With love and taken by the hand, giving everyone a voice and a chair. The chickens symbolise the mother hen which stands for protection of the weak. The fish is symbolic for faith and solves all the structures in us to be able to get to the next level of development. The copper color helps us to live life in the present. The power of copper provides selfawareness, decisiveness, courage, creativity, playfulness and is full of energy.’

XL Medallion artwork 'Give them wings' by artist Carina Wagenaar

Color Msments Depte Ring Total length
coppercolor 90x55cm 10cm 15cm 105cm