XL Medallion I Believe In Miracles

Skills: Medallions XL

‘I believe in miracles’ has a smiley with a crown as the central figure. Behind him is an extra crown. The crown represents creative mastery. Wearing a crown elevates one above his fellow man. The big smile radiates positivity. There are 4 angels that support the plateau on which this smiley figure stands. Angels have been the symbol of love, reconciliation and contact with the heavenly for thousands of years. They are a union par excellence between the heavenly and the earthly. They are nice and sweet creatures who protect you; for better and for worse. They shine full of their good, sweet, beautiful, and soft energy. We also call these angels sweethearts; a synonym for someone you care about. The bells ring on the sides. They look like cheer leading pompoms, so there’s something to celebrate. The beautiful car drives off with the crystals with bells attached to the car. Everyone can hear it. The lights of the car also shine fully and the whole has a luxurious and cheerful slant. Above the smiley figure the fireworks seem to go off as well as at the bottom. Many pins have been incorporated throughout the work. This symbol of connection also ensures that everything comes together. The two equal parts, connected with a spring; together it results in a very strong whole. Positivity and connectedness ensure that you can believe in miracles! The blue color represents stability and confidence and refers to blue writing ink.

A unique 3D story behind half convex acrylic glass. This medallion has a wooden frame and a metal suspension ring.