XL Medallion Look Up

Skills: Medallions XL

‘Look Up’ refers to the saying ‘All good things come from above’. The person in the center looks up into the sky and peers up. He wears a lucky doll with a heart; love is the solution. He stands on a cloud and under a cloud. It seems to be raining but the drops don’t make it wet. A friendly face looks down from the cloud and the males on the cloud also have such a friendly face and stop the planes with their candy / walking stick annex magic wand. The planes have gone out to see what’s going on. The dove of peace is in a small plane which is praised by the males. This is in the star and the shaman sign at the top; the attire says it possesses supernatural power. The people think of witchcraft (see the two witch figures on the sides with broomsticks and think of perishing just like the roast squirrels on the sides). Under the cloud sits the owl; he is wise and suggests that we make a deep bow (see the ballet dancers) and that we position ourselves as light as a feather (see feathers). In this way we can honor them and ensure that indeed all good things come from above.

A unique 3D story behind half convex acrylic glass. This medallion has a wooden frame and a metal suspension ring.