XL Medallion Piece of the cake

Skills: Medallions XL

‘Piece of the cake’ is a story about the victory and the celebration of this victory with the corresponding reward; the cutting of the cake. This festive occasion is a victory. The swords represent a hard-won position that has been won. The ladybug on the cake represents great service. The arrow in the middle means that where has been thrown in bulls-eye, right into the star. In addition, the person was firmly in the saddle. On the sides, woman stand between the given flowers with their hands in the air, to celebrate. With a large wine glass above the head in which the stars are also present. Everything has been squeezed out (citrus press) and a cake can now be seen on this. At the bottom there is even more celebration going on. Woman are sitting and lying in the wine glasses and one is putting a crown on her head. That symbolizes the crowning glory of the work. Everything has been smoothened out (iron) so the stars and diamonds can now shine. The feathers represent the capacity to more freely. The mouths are a symbol to empowerment and the tiger steps on the top represent the courageous steps that have been taken. The star is shining at the top with pics and card game; characters of a strategy game. In the end, everyone gets a piece of the cake that they are entitled to. At the frame one can also see the stars and nature that grows luxuriantly.

An unique 3 dimensional story behind half sphere acrylic glass. This medallion has a wooden frame and a metal suspension ring. All covered with 2,5 kr. gold leaf.