XL Medallion Sunny Chariot

Skills: Medallions XL

This sunny chariot is propelled by airplane energy and shows a brave female warrior standing in the chariot. She wears a poker face and sunglasses and has a big heart. She drives the car without reins. This symbolizes control by the power of the will and mind. She stands upright which stands for taking action to move forward. The two accompanying figures with sunglasses below her carry the basket with diamonds, bag, and lucky coin. Below that the big star where the flag is with ball of golf. From the golf clubs that are decorated and have shot the ball hole in one, there is celebration and powerful performance. (See power of racing cars) The owl of wisdom, the dressing table of beauty and the harp will take you to paradise and love to unprecedented heights. The harp returns one more time to one of the accompanying angels. The other has a violin; also, a sensitive stringed instrument and stands for the sensitive and fine-stringed character of the warrior. The creativity of the two painters’ canvases with many diamonds and the fish above them are blowing bubbles of pleasure. It all feels like a fish in water. The sunny chariot radiates rays upwards and is warm yellow in color. All this stands for control, willpower, success, action, and determination in a positive vibe with focus and purpose.

A unique 3D story behind half convex acrylic glass. This medallion has a wooden frame and a metal suspension ring.