XL Medallion Walk the Universe

Skills: Medallions XL

‘Walk the Universe’ is about learning to open up to time and space. We see the orbits around the earth that make a graceful movement. Everything is symmetrical and in balance. The big ladybugs walk these runways. Ladybugs are diligent helpers for Mother Earth and humanity. As a natural pesticide, they keep plants alive and eat parasites. They represent service in the big picture and choosing every day for what gives you satisfaction instead of being lived through time and being open to parallel worlds. They teach you to discover that the magic unfolds and makes room for new things that suit you much better. The universe is immense and so are the possibilities. The 4 pillars around the earth represent the 4 seasons and the recurring circle in which nature moves. The spheres are like planets in the environment. The feathers represent the capacity to move freely through life and the element of air. The jewels represent the important value that is given to it. The elephant symbolizes strength and wisdom, patience and understanding. The lions represent bravery and conquered strength. He left his footprints to emphasize the importance of this. The mouths on the sides allow for the incorporation of new ideas and new options. They have a diamond on the lip which indicates that there is a bright spot here. This story is about learning to open up to time and space and choosing the path you should take.

A unique 3D story behind half convex acrylic glass. This medallion has a wooden frame and a metal suspension ring.