XL Medallion wallobject Peace around temptation

Skills: Wall Objects

XL Medallion wallobject artwork ‘Peace around temptation’ by artist Carina Wagenaar is about love, passion and seduction. Red as a sign of danger and love. Dual function. With the many peace doves with olive twig and the witch who offers the poisonous apple with the fire-breathing dragons around her. Water is the barricade. The tree of life behind the big dove with reference to paradise. With love and peace we will get there and can resist temptation. Underneath the whole also the peace sign by hand in many Swarovski crystals and doves around it. The numbers of little round balls in gold leaf on the frame stands for unity and gold for pure and valuable.

A unique 3 dimensional story behind half convex acrylic glass. This medallion has a wooden frame and a metal suspension ring and an extra jewel with Swarovski crystals hanging at the bottom.

Total size: 1.50 x 0.55 x 0.10 m (= incl. rings and en jewel)/ 59 x 22 x 4 inch