XL Medallion Wallobject Reinvent yourself

Skills: Wall Objects

XL Medallion wallobject artwork ‘Reinvent yourself’ by artist Carina Wagenaar is about rediscovering yourself for the future. We seem to be able to take on the world with loyalty and sacrifice and with the sunglasses on. The injection in the middle as a reference for the vaccination. After this period, everything must be completed in a different way. Celebrating freedom is reflected in suitcases and flags. The extra jewel also has binoculars in Swarovski crystals. The dark green color represents hope and peace, new life, fresh and young.

A unique 3 dimensional story behind half convex acrylic glass. This medallion has a wooden frame, a metal hanging ring and an extra jewel with Swarovski crystals hanging at the bottom.

Total size: 1.50 x 0.55 x 0.10 m (= incl. rings and jewel)