XL Medallion When doors open

Skills: Medallions XL

‘When doors open’ tells a story about a well-read woman. (see book) With her strength she has ensured herself that the doors will open for her at the right time. (see magic wand) She makes a particular impressive entrance due to her graceful appearance with a charming bow, fluffy hat and a Chinese kimono in the background. She is standing on a mushroom, the symbol of immortality and eccentricity. The doorway has horses of chess as a hinge and are placed on large pillars of perfume bottles. All this stands for the horsepower it took to stand here, and the scent of perfume stands for positivity and pleasant things. Chess pieces have also been used elsewhere. (see above; in the lotus leaves) The meaning of the lotus flower has to do with the growth process of the flower. This flower will bring you back to purity. In between the lotus leaves is an arrow pointing upwards; the higher goal. Parasols line up on both sides for protection and the daisy flowers symbolize love and fertility; spring. She has a halo made out of lace, sparkles and bells. It gives it a dignified appearance and prestige. At the bottom we see a dressing table with several hearts, a chain and a rose: symbol of love given in trust. Dolphins jump at the bottom and play with whipped cream on their noses. They symbolize communication and intelligence. They make us happy and soft and teach us to play and to feel free. The whole work is provided with jewels, diamonds, necklaces and stars. These are a sign of abundance and success.

A unique 3D story behind half convex acrylic glass. This medallion has a wooden frame and a metal suspension ring.