XL Wall Object It’s all about the money

Skills: Wall Objects

XL Wall Object ‘It’s all about the money’ by artist Carina Wagenaar is about the era in which we now live.

The world upside down. The large angel with large eyelashes leads everyone around the garden, blows his trumpet and farts in the meantime. This angel also holds an little angel captive in a cage, dangling like a necklace around the big angel’s neck. Beneath, the Capitol in Washington DC, where the seat of the US people’s representative body, the legislature, is upside down.

All this under the guidance of the frog who controls the big angel with the carpet beater. The watch can also be seen on the wrist of the big angel. This frog is leading and symbolizes innovation. He listens silently and then takes the plunge. The renewal has started. A positive world-wide current that helps mother earth to get out of the deep well in which she finds herself. To help transform her into her full strength. The frog is highly sensitive and acts on it. Mankind can learn a lot from this mechanism.

Meanwhile the Chinese are conversing back and forth with a big bag of money on their backs. The army pulls out to prop of support the wings of the angel and a tank is ready on top of the head of it. On the leg of this angel is a workman in the saddle who prepares a fence. The big euro signs say enough; left of right; in the end it’s all about the money.


This large wall object is decorated with 2,5 carat gold leaf.

Mixed Media 115 x 45 x 30 cm (= incl. 15 cm ring)

Color Width Depth Ring Total length
Gold 0.45 m 0.3 m 0.15 m 1.15 m