XL Wall Object Time is running

Skills: Wall Objects

Owl, time is running

XL Wall Object ‘Time is running’ by artist Carina Wagenaar is about the year 2020, in which we now live.

The clocks are at 2 to 12, so time is running out to come up with a solution. The owl, the symbol of wisdom, is placed on a microscope trough which a little angel is looking. Underneath there are several of them sitting side by side. They are all helping to find a solution that will open the key in the lock under the microscope. Wisdom from nature comes though shamans- see feathers- who are closer to nature than we are.

The wheels turn and the solution comes into view. The owl is wise and wants to study. Communication in very important. The owl is patiently waiting for the right time to strike. Because the owl is able to fly silently, it can effectively catch its prey suddenly. Because of these superhuman talents, the owl is the symbol of mysterious power in the world of magic. He is therefore a much-seen companion of shamans. As a symbol of wisdom and secrecy, the owl sees things in the dark that are invisible to others. They are therefore also called the keepers of hidden knowledge. A fox is depicted on the label around its paw. The fox as a totem animal stands for unity, inconspicuousness, adaptability, intelligence, observation and speed of thought and action.

The cornucopia is like a big crest of the owl in which there is a spoken text. It says ‘Bzz’. The owl wears a ring with a bee. There is also a bee on the key of the lock. Will knowledge about bees open the lock? Bees symbolize the accomplishment of what seems impossible.




This big wall object is edited with 2,5 carat gold leaf.

Mixed Media 115 x 45 x 25 cm (= incl. 15 cm ring)

Color Width Depth Ring Total length
Gold 0.45 m 0.25 m 0.15 m 1.15 m