XXL Wall Object Perseverance

Skills: Wall Objects

XXL Big Wall Object ‘ Perseverance ‘by artist Carina Wagenaar is about the celebration of nature and the power of women. Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of agriculture and a master of heeling, magic, wisdom, health, marriage, wisdom and maternity. Modern woman also has multiple goals. Having wings would be helpful.. The Apis is a sacred Bull and a fertility symbol. The Cobra plays an important role in dominating the fertility and prosperity of the country. The Aries is important as an intermediary and has a strong libido. He is also the presentation of the soul of the god Osiris, which symbolizes the spine, often translated into the djed-pillar; an amulet for stability and sustainability. In our modern society, these values are also highly appreciated and important to be able to climb the social ladder as well as achieving financial independence. The Golden Flies are a sign of honor, courage, heroism and a recognition of bravery. The large flies honor the perseverance of the woman.
Thin layered gold, 2.5 kr. Lapis Lazuli colored bulls & incl. 8 small medallions with djed-amulets and 3 hanging flies. Lxwxd; 1.70 x 1.20 x 0.20 m incl. 2 rings.

Mixed Media 170 x 120 x 20 cm (= incl. 15 cm ring)

Colour Width Depth Ring Totale length
Gold/Dark blue/ others 1.2 m 0.2 m 0.15 m 1.70 m

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