XXL Medallion Join the Forces

Skills: Medallions XXL

The tiger represents power, strength, and independence. This keeps a close eye on everything and ensures an overview and that everything remains under his care. The points are sharpened, and the racehorses are ready; ready to go go go! Everything is carefully monitored: when the shot is fired, the train starts moving. The growth of what has been sown can only go well if it is well watered and the sun can do its thing. Then the growing self will become a sun. The trumpet is blown on special occasions when writing is about to take place. From the cold igloo existence to a lush world where everything happens and grows, the world is discovered, and you can leave your imprint. All this by moving along with the forces needed to achieve this. This story is about being flexible and being able to move with the prevailing forces.

Keywords: remain your own boss, to sow and to harvest.

A unique three dimensional story behind half-round glass. This medallion artwork comes with a wooden frame & metal suspension ring.

XXL Medallion artwork 'Join the forces' in interior by artist Carina Wagenaar


Color Size Depth Ring Total length
Red Metallic 1,55×1,05m 20cm 33cm 188cm

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