XXL Medallion Wheel of Fortune ●

XXL Medallion artwork ‘Wheel of Fortune’ by artist Carina Wagenaar is about movement, hard work and rewarding. Things like fun, rating, thinking fast and acting quickly, are playing an important role.

A unique artwork behind half-round glass. This medallion artwork comes with a wooden frame & metal suspension ring.

‘ This development arrives, when you’ll bring the wheel in motion. Everyone has to say something about it. .. (blah). With lots of energy (3 headed dragon) you’ll defend your institution which will keeps you standing. The Swans will guide the development of your intuitive abilities in the act. Much is communicated (cups of coffee & chickens). The seahorses are for fun and the will take care of the emotional balance. There is a great deal of appreciation (x-jes) and luck (elephant with trunk up & thumb up). The rabbits are taking care of thinking fast and moving quickly; to put out some fires. The total balance is balancing between home (W-we), beautiful things (O-ohh), delicious things (M-mmm), fine things (X-jes) and less fine things (I-iie).’

XXL Medallion artwork 'Wheel of Fortune' in interior by artist Carina Wagenaar


Color Size Depth Ring Total length
Copper 1,55×1,05m 20cm 33cm 188cm

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