XXL Medallion Bastet

Skills: Medallions XXL

This large xxl medallion is about the fertility goddess Bastet. She is often depicted in green statuettes from ancient Egypt. This goddess in the form of the cat is the goddess of joy, dance, music, celebration and warmth. She is already a mother who nurses her kittens. Later also called the Greek Goddess Artemis; the goddess of the hunt (see bow and arrow). There are also many mice incorporated in this piece. Mice have the ability to sense danger. They are curious and see all the little details. The mouse tells you that it will be good for you to examine the life around you well. The cat is headstrong, lives a solitary existence but is never alone. She tolerates others but puts herself first and allows others to make their own choice. This artwork has to do with liberation; free yourself so that you can live and enjoy twice as much. (see children breaking out of the cage and from there the special machine starts up from which a double dose of yourself comes forward with power and diamonds are scooped up. Next to this are @ signs with an airplane; standing for communication and increasing your world / movement.). Discover and develop things. Bastet teaches you to live in joy, individuality and freedom. Stop watching how you do this; you hold the key yourself. (see hand with key) The squirrels represent listening to your intuition and discovering your treasures. He is smart, agile and has guts. Discover your treasures and take the plunge.