XXL Medallion Bravery

Skills: Medallions XXL

This large xxl medallion artwork is about the courage to overcome obstacles. Together you stand strong and you can get over the obstacles. The goose stands in the middle for protection and to warn you that danger is imminent. Even though blockades are erected, balls are being shot and a crocodile is lurking, in the end you can take on the world together and the victory over all this is very big and can be celebrated in a big way. (See wreaths on the head and fireworks-like top.) The horses represent strength, which is even bigger together. The large frog at the top center represents transformation. He stands for new things in life, new actions or ventures. He has a shield on the back with a star. He is big and strong and has a dolphin on his nose; the sign of happiness, hope and a prosperous journey to new shores. Love is everywhere, even if games are played around it. (See the chess-pieces) Taking the right steps in the big game is also courageous and makes sure everything is all right. The appreciation comes, although it is not always immediately visible. (Kiss into a lantern and ‘be approved’ (ok-sign by hand) and ‘to pass through a ring’ while the obstacles are still around you. The owls stand for wisdom and 4x Eiffel towers for the big world stage. That’s where great appreciation comes from. The orange color is also a symbol for overcoming obstacles. Orange is the combination of the wisdom of yellow and the vitality of red. Orange gives strength forward and ensures creative ideas, clear thoughts, and concentration.