XXL Medallion Elizabeth Stuart

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XXL medallion 'Elizabeth Stuart' by artist Carina Wagenaar

XXL medallion ‘Elizabeth Stuart’ by artist Carina Wagenaar tells the story about this special royal lady (1596-1662).

As queen of Bohemia, she lived in exile in The Hague together with her husband. She was famous because of her beauty and popularity and also known as the Pearl van Brittany, Rose of England, Queen of Hearts and as Winter Queen, since she was Queen of Bohemia only during the winter of 1620. As a daughter of the King of England, she had knowledge of the beauty and splendor of the international courts. She loved the theater and was a real artlover.

This Winter Queen,  resulted in getting residence on the Kneuterdijk in 17th century of The Hague. She and her husband remained fighting for recognition of the throne of Bohemia. Her lady-in-waiting Amalia van Solms married Frederik Hendrik, the Prince of Orange.

She and her husband depended on a contribution from England and were guaranteed costs of the Oranges and lived at the expense of the Staten-General. Nevertheless they build Palace Huis ten Bosch as a new stadholder residence since Elizabeth was used to living a royal life with the comimg costs and debts.

“Elizabeth Stuart, also known as the Winter Queen, has been praised for her popularity and beauty, her royal allure was of paramount importance and her interesting life and personality have been translated into this life-size medallion artwork.”

A three dimensional story behind half-round acrylic glass. This xxl medallion artwork has a goldleaf carved wooden frame & metal hanging ring.

ColourWidthDepthRingTotale length
Crème1.5 m0.2 m0.35 m1.85 m

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