XXL Medallion Horsepower

Skills: Medallions XXL

‘Horsepower’ says it all; it’s about the strength of the power of horses. A total of 38 pieces plus 1 winged horse; the Pegasus. Number 38 represents more abundance that comes your way and the reassurance of finances. With the power of these 38 pieces, it is full speed ahead in which dragons are being fought and the armor is thrown off. (see above). Together you are strong so even more forward force is being achieved. The totem represents common values, cultural beliefs and valuable history. This totem is being guarded by a number of people with lassos. The horse bits stand for keeping the stubbornness in check so any hoof marks can be left. The horseshoes represent protection and luck. The shields and the many helmets / caps also stand for protection. The fences are leading the way to Pegasus; the little flying horse at the bottom. It symbolizes the pursuit of great heights. He has strength, is grounded and can spread his wings to meet true dreams. The winged horse brings heaven and earth together. The horses and Pegasus together count 39 pieces. Number 39 represents not waiting any longer and performing important tasks of your life purpose. In the meantime, the flag is already out in the middle!