XXL Medallion King Of Hearts

Skills: Medallions XXL

Medallion artwork 'King Of Hearts ' Medallion artwork 'King Of Hearts ' by Carina Wagenaar

XXL Medallion ‘King Of Hearts ‘ by artist Carina Wagenaar is part van ‘The Royal Card Collection’. Within this series, reference is made to the age-old card game. Display images of royalty has always played an important role. The King of Hearts has always been a symbol of Charlemagne/ Charles the Great, also known as the father of Europe. He was the first Medieval emperor in the 7th and 8th centuries and is known as one of the most important rulers of the West. Put down as an undoubtedly strong personality and a big tough man who holds the world and faith with a lot of charisma.

An unique three-dimensional story behind half-round acrylic glass. This medallion artwork comes with a wooden frame & metal suspension ring.


Colour Width Depth Ring Total length
mat crème white 1.55 m 0.2 m 0.35 m 1.85 m

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