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Contemporary approach to portraits in life-size medallion wall jewelry.

Artist and designer Carina Wagenaar shows her translation of portraits of historical figures during the presentation of her work at Masterly, The Dutch in Milano, from 9-14 April in Palazzo Francesco Turati.


 Rembrandt van Rijn was a master in portraits. This Dutch painter from the 17th century painted many self-portraits and also portrayed people from the highest class of the population. He showed them in their full regalia, dressed in the finest fabrics and lace accessories, and adorned with the most expensive jewels. Every detail was portrayed in all its importance to represent the totality of the personality.


 The Golden Age, the 17th century, was booming in Dutch history in the fields of trade, science and the arts. Due to the enormous economic growth, painted portraits were highly sought after. Rich traders, people with important management positions and members of the militia were happy to showcase or place assignments. Still lifes were also often made on commission. Rich people wanted to see their valuable belongings on such a still life so that they could show off. The use of symbolism within the images was customary.


 Carina also creates modern portraits of people in her specific visual language. She translated two portraits of high noble people from the 17th century within her concept of large medallions. In each she shows a detailed story about their character, life and personality. These two famous Dutchmen had international backgrounds. Frederik Hendrik, Prince of Orange and Stadtholder of the Netherlands had been raised in the French refined way by his French mother. Elisabeth Stuart, also known as the ‘Winter Queen’, was the daughter of the King of England, lived in Heidelberg, became Queen of Bohemia and received residence for a very long time in the Netherlands.


Carina has captured the personal history of these two historical persons in a visualization through her usual way of working; using existing objects which serve as a raw material for a new and larger work of art. In this allegorical portrait of still lifes, references and details can be seen of the splendor of the golden age in a modern way in which the lists of the works are extra edited with gold leaf. During the presentation, the artist will explain to visitors about her work and the way in which she combines history, storytelling and contemporary elements into a new wall jewel.


9-14 April 2019

Masterly, The Dutch at Milano -Via Meravigli 7 Milan

Palazzo Francesco Turati at Milan, Room 15

Press Preview: 8 April 15-18 hrs Official Press Opening 16 hrs

Opening hours: 9 April 11-17 hrs, 10 April 11-22 hrs, 11 & 12 & 13 April 11-19 hrs, 14 April 11-16 hrs


For editors: information and images available at Carina Wagenaar +31651541010. The photos on the website: can be used with mention of the title of the artwork and name artist.

* Carina Wagenaar studied at the High School of Arts in Amsterdam. Inspired by small medallions and cameos, she offers the viewer unique wall objects with contemporary translations of different themes. Through the introduction of this luxurious story medallion artworks she has built her reputation within the design and art loving world. Her vision of the importance of details can be seen in every unique work she creates. The growing success of her work already brought her to Milan, New York, Paris, London, Florence, Dubai & Hamptons-NY.